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Core Elements Standard Premium Premium +
a. Initial meeting – project proposal and scope
b. Project schedule – start-up information with deliverables agreed and outlined
c. Community communication – Strategic Plan Information Letter sent to School Community
d. P&C, P&F, School Council and Whole staff presentation – the WHY of school strategic planning and process outline
e. Community Questionnaire – Set up and sign off
f. Teaching staff forum – whole teaching staff
g. Student forum – workshop with cross section of student community
h. Outcomes documents – from each of the forums listed above
i. Community Questionnaire Report – summary report of community questionnaire
j. Principal Check-in #1 – short list of key projects
k. Presentation – summary of outcomes presented in major workshop
l. Two Full day’s workshop – Major workshop 8 -12 people in the strategic planning team across two full days
m. Draft V1 School Strategic Plan – outcomes of the two days’ workshop formatted and summarised
n. Principal Check-in #2 – refinement of core elements of the plan
o. Draft plan version V2 / V3 – if required
p. Final Plan Version – 4-year plan completed ready to roll-out
q. Plan Community presentation – PowerPoint presentation of plan for communication to whole school community
r. Staff forum – non-teaching staff
s. Parent forum – afterschool hours forum with parents
t. Intensive interviews – one on one consultant / staff interviews with between 4 – 6 key school leaders (One or Two day)
u. Outcomes documents – from the intensive interviews
v. Half day workshop – Refinement workshop two – if required
w. Yearly review
x. Quarterly review

Packages can be tailored to each school’s individual needs.

Min. 3 months required to complete the standard package listed above

‘You can manage what you can measure’

Working with the mantra ‘You can manage what you can measure,’ it is critical a pragmatic eye to delivering your plan is essential. In fact, strategic planning should mean less more focused actions, not more work.

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