Your Workplace Havana

Your Workplace Havana

Strategic Planning is more than a mundane business task, it can be the catalyst to creating both your personal and business success and happiness. There are few things more powerful than having everyone onboard, rowing in the one direction, towards a common goal.

Japanese Principles of Ikigai

The secret to success and happiness in our world revolve around finding the answers to these challenging questions:

  • What is it that you are really good at?
  • Where do your passions lie?
  • What does the world need from you? and
  • Can you generate enough funds to live and enjoy life?

Strategy1st applies this powerful framework to each planning experience to develop plans that will be valued and owned, capitalise on your strengths and ensure that your business is around for a long time.

Adapted from the Japanese principles of Ikigai –“How to be happy in your work life” – we take a unique approach to each experience, firstly engaging stakeholders on a personal level then evolving a logical process towards establishing a unified agreed future direction by stakeholders in your organisation.

Strategy1st are your planning experts.

We help you to focus the energy, resources, and use of everyone’s time in your organisation in the one direction.


Education Institutions

Independent, Catholic and State Education Australian Schools



Government Agencies / Bodies, Not For Profit Organisations and For Profit Organisations


Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning for Schools, Business, Not-for-Profits, Sporting Organisations and Clubs has the capacity to unify teams behind a shared vision, mission and goals.


Working with each school’s quadrennial review priorities as a base…

  • Your plan will be integrated with school business, but with a specific lens to the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of your school’s improvement priorities through until the next quadrennial review.
  • A key feature of each plan is the time and energy placed in ensuring the measures are appropriate.


Planning is as beneficial for your organisation, as exercise, good eating habits and a balanced lifestyle is for your health and longevity.

  • Strategy1st are planning experts. We ensure that the right focus will head your business in the right direction and achieve optimum outcomes.
  • Unlike old fashioned strategic plans, we will deliver useful content which is much more than a set of motherhood statements that look good, but have no focus, direction or accountability.


With a career working in both professional organisations and grass roots sporting clubs and other not-for-profit entities, Strategy1st Directors have an intimate understanding about what makes NFP, national sporting organisations and grassroots clubs tick.

  • When it comes to seeking government funding it always helps to give government decision makers a level of comfort that you have a sustainable plan for the future and encourages engagement with its community.
  • A good strategic plan will prioritise what is important ‘business’ for your club, stating where to place your energy to get the best.


In Bonus4Business, Strategy1st will provide online business improvement tips. Additionally, the Directors are available to work directly with your Boards, leaders and staff to advance specific business principles towards enhancing your workplace environments.

For example in Bonus4Business – Developing Core Values, Strategy1st will work with you leaders to determine not only your corporate core values but the core values of each of your leaders.

  • Most companies spend a great deal of time and effort focusing on technical aspects of their marketing, business operations, and product development, all the while neglecting to define their Core values.
  • We want people saying … “People love working at our business, no wonder we are now number one in our field!”

7 Great Workshop Tips

Creating a collaborative environment is the key to great facilitation. It is essential everyone knows and feels they have something useful to offer. You want your participants saying at the end of the workshop, ‘I didn’t even know that I was thinking that, but I am clear on my thinking now.’ Some of your participants will be hesitant to be involved and sometimes feel overawed by the group.

Here are 7 Great Tips to make your workshop a success.

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