Our mission is ‘To Help People Reach Agreement And Turn Agreement Into Action’

A brief introduction to Strategy1st:

We are a Brisbane-based consultancy.

We assist organisations to shape their direction.

Our firm has a particular focus on working in the Education, not-for-profit, SME and sporting sectors and the facilitation and implementation of plans.

Our mission is ‘to help people reach agreement and turn agreement into action’.

We believe consulting activity centres on:

  • Facilitating conversations at the senior level.
  • Canvassing the views of all stakeholders.
  • Bringing people together to determine priorities.
  • Encouraging disciplines that ensure regular reviews.

Our Approach

Our approach to strategic planning is based on responses to the following 5 key strategic questions which provide the framework for the Strategy1st process:

  • What is important to us?

  • What seems to be happening?

  • What opportunities exist?

  • What are we going to do about it all?

  • How are we going to monitor progress and measure success?

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