Outsource so you can focus!

If you do the facilitation yourself… who critiques it?

Outsourcing the development of your strategic planning process to a third party allows all stakeholders to be fully involved in the process, ensuring valuable input, process accountability and monitoring that priorities are being met.

Not driving the process internally means that each stakeholder can contribute fully without the burden of having to managing it. Additionally, an impartial third party can ensure that once priority agendas are driven, enough common agreement can be reached on the priorities of the school and a realistic plan produced that can be suitably managed by your school.

An impartial third party can concentrate on the process instead of the end result and can ask the tough questions that others may fear to ask.

‘You can manage what you can measure’

Working with the mantra ‘You can manage what you can measure,’ it is critical a pragmatic eye to delivering your plan is essential. In fact, strategic planning should mean less more focused actions, not more work.

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