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With a career working in both professional organisations and grass roots sporting clubs and other not-for-profit entities, Strategy1st Directors have an intimate understanding about what makes NFP, national sporting organisations and grassroots clubs tick.

Our renowned processes are tailored to suit a range of circumstances, from the more complex goal of unifying members towards a common vision, to determining the priority actions needed to improve each entity’s viability in the short to mid-term. 

When it comes to seeking government funding it always helps to give government decision makers a level of comfort that you have a sustainable plan for the future and encourages engagement with its community.

A good strategic plan will prioritise what is important ‘business’ and determine where the core focus should be. We subscribe to the ethos that strategic planning should mean less work not more. More focus means less time wasted on tasks that have limited positive results.

Further, volunteerism particularly in charities and club land is always problematic, BUT if the assistance requested of volunteers is based on real need, members are invited in the right ways and they sense everyone will benefit then involvement will increase. Good plans will have this positive effect.

We use a simple but highly engaging processes where your planning project can commence and be completed in approximately 4 – 5 weeks with little onus on anyone member of your club. 

Our process includes:

  • Community Questionnaires
  • Major workshop
  • Strategic Plan 
  • Presentation

Go for Funding

And what is better still, many local governments support grass roots clubs / entities with funding for improvement project such as Strategic Planning, meaning you don’t need to dip into your own funds to invest in this process. 

Click here for more information on applying for local government support. (Pertains to local government in Brisbane Australia).

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A good strategic plan will…

prioritise what is important ‘business’ and determine where the core focus should be.

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