From Core Values to Thriving

In Bonus4Business #1, Strategy1st will work with your leaders to determine not only your corporate core values but the core values of each of your leaders. This is an outstanding program that is sure to unify your leaders behind a common set of agreed actions and behaviours to create the right environment for your business to optimise and thrive. Read More 

Most companies spend a great deal of time and effort focusing on technical aspects of their marketing, business operations, and product development, all the while neglecting to define their Core values. But actually, Core values are the important foundation that drives all other aspects of a business. Neglecting Core values costs these businesses dearly down the road. 

We want people saying … “People love working at our business, no wonder we are now number one in our field!”

Key Workshop Deliverables 

The “From Core values to Thriving” workshop focussed on the delivery of the following 5 key deliverables.

  • The WHY of Core values: Recognise the importance of Core values with real-life examples that show why defining them is critical.
  • Core values & Successful Business: List the key elements in creating strong Core values and be able to identify the Core values of successful businesses. 
  • Your Core values: Identify your own personal Core values to help guide you in choosing your business’ Core values. 
  • The Business Core values: Identify your own business Core values and communicate them to everyone associated with your business.
  • Living the Business Core values: Use strategies to help you implement your Core values to make sure your business stays on track

Team and Succeed

In Bonus4Business #2, Strategy1st will work with your leaders and staff to build team success. There are a series of modules available to assist you to optimise your organisation culture, relationships and outputs. 

These modules are ideal for any school / organisation where people are expected to work effectively in teams.

Topics include:

  • Make People Like Your Business in 90 seconds
  • Speed People – how to R.E.A.D people and connect with them.
  • Dealing Constructively with Change, Conflict and Criticism 
  • Attitude – How you approach to People Influences Everything that Follows 
  • Building Rapport
  • Communication and Connecting
  • Dealing with Differences and Difficult Behaviours 
  • Exceeding Expectations 

For more information on any of these modules Contact Us today.

We want people saying …

“People love working at our business, no wonder we are now number one in our field!”

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