Fail to plan, plan to fail… is a well-worn axiom but never so true in our dynamic and ever changing social and economic worlds. Planning is as beneficial for your organisation, as exercise, good eating habits and a balanced lifestyle is for your health.

At the beginning of any planning project we would like you saying:

I think I know where we want to go but we can’t get there if we keep doing what we are doing today!

And at the end of the process we will have you saying:

I do know where I want to go and I can get there by doing things differently now!

Investment in defining ‘big picture’ strategic planning can quickly unite business teams and in the long term make or save your business considerable resource time and money.

Your Planning Experts

Strategy1st are planning experts. We ensure that the right focus will head your business in the right direction and achieve optimum outcomes. Our plans are popular because they are easy to:

  • read,
  • follow,
  • process,
  • use, and
  • communicate.

Unlike old fashioned strategic plans, we will deliver useful content which is much more than a set of motherhood statements that look good, but have no focus, direction or accountability. Your Strategy1st plan will be useable, delivered in project format, and give you focus and direction which means you can move forward confidently knowing that your business has set its own direction and will be the master of its own destiny.

Unique Planning Processes

Across nearly two decades we have developed and refined our planning processes and have worked with the highly regarded planning firms such as Insight Plus – to produce planning experiences so thoroughly unique that it engages people throughout. Most people walk away from our workshops mentally drained but satisfied that the business is setting its own direction. This often ‘new direction’ or ‘new focus’ is one developed because the right people from your organisation have been intimately involved with its development. We are great at bringing people to enough ‘common agreement’ to move forward in a constructive way. Working with business owners, Boards, CEOs, Executives and Leadership Teams we draw the right information from the right people to appropriately inform the strategic planning process in the right ways.

Professional Facilitators

As process facilitators we can “flex” across a variety of business sectors. We show you how to think strategically and apply this in a practical way. We have worked across a broad range of business sectors from large corporations, a variety of SMEs, professional service firms and  the sport and leisure sectors to not-for-profit organisations and schools.  We understand that each sector is different and have its own nuances. It’s the experience that we bring to each environment that makes us good at what we do. We find a process that suits all organisations’ needs.

We Make Sense

We make perfect sense of what you already know. We assist you to think ‘big picture’ setting a new ‘vision’ and ‘mission’ and in a ‘strategic’ rather than an ‘ad hoc’ way. This is then followed with a set of projects with goals, milestones, accountabilities and measures. In short, we wrap structure around your thinking and give it meaning in practical useful ways.

Strategy4Business – Planning Packages

Love it, like it or loathe it; mapping out your future or setting direction with a purpose, otherwise known as planning, will save your business time and money. The following table highlights to the key stages of a typical planning process.

Strategy4Business - Planning Packages

Strategic Planning Stages & Fee Schedule
Standard +
Premium +
Investment – Professional fees start at $15 K - $25 K
Initial meeting and project proposal and scopeYesYesYesYes
Project scheduleYesYesYesYes
Intensive interviews with between 3 – 6 key peopleYesYesYesYes
Outcomes document version oneYesYesYesYes
Full day’s workshop – Major workshop oneYesYesYesYes
Current plan gap analysisYesYes
Half day workshop – Refinement workshop twoYesYesYesYes
Draft plan version oneYesYesYesYes
Client input & feedback – Meeting may be requiredYesYesYesYes
Draft plan version twoYesYesYesYes
Half day workshop – Refinement workshop three (if required)YesYesYes
Draft plan final version threeYesYesYesYes
Board workshop/ presentationYesYesYes
Staff forum(s)YesYes
Client / customer forum(s) / researchYesYes
Client / customer survey initial testing of plan prioritiesYesYes
Client / customer survey plan testingYesYes
Quarterly reviewYes
Half yearly reviewYesYes
Yearly reviewYes
Fees subject to regular variation

Additional Strategy1st Business Facilitation Services

Strategy1st also offers a variety of one off facilitated modules ranging from motivating teams, to developing leaders to dealing with change. Some of our facilitated modules are included in a program titled Towards the Perfect Game Plan


  • Dealing With Difficult People – Right People With The Right Stuff – Social Styles
  • Empowering Your Staff
  • Healthy Hearts And Healthy Minds


  • Vision, Mission and Purpose
  • Brand Values – The Foundations Of Success
  • Competitive Advantage – Creating Advantage Over Competitors


  • Unified Direction Strategic Planning
  • Delivering When It Matters
  • Goal Setting And The Process


  • Working With Boards And Councils
  • Motivating For Success
  • Everyone’s A Leader
  • Shorter More Productive Meetings


  • How To Get People To Like Your Business In 90 Seconds Or Less
  • The Continuous Improvement Agenda
  • Dealing Constructively With Change And Conflict

All of our modules are designed to improve your business. Tell us where your issues are and we will work to improve your business working from a strategic base. Contact us today to arrange a meeting.