Our understanding of your needs

  • Strategy1st understands the goal for each project is to review and understand the current environment and produce a strategic plan which will be your road map to a bright future and offers a natural progression forward;
  • Ultimately the clear focus for this project is to determine the following:
    • Focus – Vision, Mission, Values & Competitive Advantage (or USP),
    • Direction – Priorities & Projects,
    • Results – Quantitative & Qualitative, Measures & Milestones / Budget

Some matters for consideration include:

  • Working with the impending (potential) changes for each client ,
  • Leading then articulating your vision towards instilling trust through-out each environment and into the broader community, for the organisations new direction;
  • Leveraging from the benefits of a unified staff that engages well on a personal and professional level and more than comfortable having constructive conversation;
  • Engaging all key stakeholders in a process that allows each person to think outside of the box towards new and better outcomes;
  • Planning for the future and taking all staekholders on an optimistic journey, whilst ensuring that there is a natural connection to your previous strategic plan;
  • Managing change and increments of improvement and growth;
  • Developing an agile environments that values a continuous improvement agenda;
  • Measuring outcomes to see what is working and what needs to be varied, improved or changed.

ALSO … Love your organisation, Love the way it looks!

Building powerful brands by aligning your vision and visual representation will position your organisation just the way you want it.

In the flip book are a variety of examples of vision to visual representation alignment from within the SME, Education, Sport and Not-for-Profit sectors. In some cases the client’s brand has been analysed and an image built from scratch, whilst in other cases a complete image refresh has resulted from one of our brand reviews.  Start ‘flipping’ and take a look at some of the improvements.